Globelight Festival


Melbourne (AU) – Abbotsford convent

The installation “Spectrum” will illustrate the energy between the electromagnetic spectrum from Ultraviolet to Infrared and our world from sky to earth. It will be made from colored paper sheets tiling new patterns on top of the existing checkerboard. Paper is chosen as a reminder of the past of the convent as university and as natural resource grown thanks to the light. Changes in the colored lighting will light up part of the paper mosaic while others will fade away. Folded and cut papers will grow towards the infrared sun and will create shadows like the visitors will do in the mural hall

TYPE DE PROJET – Light Installation
MOA – Globelight festival
MOE – Leslie Labonne
MATÉRIELS – RGB light bars, Infrared Bulbs, color papers.
DATES – August 2016

catégorie : Événementiel

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